TouchBistro’s Customer Facing Display

Our POS-integrated customer display screen (CFD) lets guests review orders before they’re sent to the kitchen, helping your QSR avoid costly errors, keep lines moving, and ensure guest satisfaction.

  • Reduce Expensive Errors with Guest Order Confirmation
    Details like menu items, modifiers, and price appear on the screen as guests place their orders, letting them confirm that orders are exactly the way they like them – and at the price they expected.

  • Display Branding with a Customizable Screen
    You’ve worked hard to create a visual identity for your business. Now you can personalize your Customer Facing Display with your restaurant’s logo, colors, and fonts for a consistent brand experience.

  • Drive Sales with On-Screen Promotions
    The CFD doubles as a digital advertising screen when it’s not in use. Use it to highlight special offers, new menu items, loyalty programs, social media handles, and more.

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Yes. TouchBistro’s Customer Facing Display works only with the TouchBistro POS.

TouchBistro CFD works on any iPad that can run iOS 6. This includes the iPad Air, iPad Mini 2, and the iPad Pro 2015 or newer devices.

Customer Facing Display pricing varies based on your existing TouchBistro POS license. Talk to a TouchBistro specialist to learn more.

With the increased adoption of EMV chip and pin payment, sign on screen is being phased out. As a result, the CFD is not designed to support sign on screen.

See TouchBistro’s Customer Facing Display in Action

An iPad with the TouchBistro Software opened