Exeter Sitting Group (Gaia House)

The Exeter Sitting Group is affiliated to Gaia House

(http://gaiahouse.co.uk/) and adheres to their open and non-sectarian ethos.  Our aim is to create a supportive, reflective and egalitarian environment.  Whilst being a Buddhist group, we welcome people from different traditions, or from no particular tradition, who practice silent sitting meditation.  We generally do not give meditation instruction, but we are supportive to beginners who have already had some basic instruction.  See: http://gaiahouse.co.uk/pages/start/about-meditation/

We meet every Friday evening, varying the venue between members’ homes.  You do not have to be able to offer your home as a venue, as this is not possible for all our members.  There is a 30 minute silent meditation, followed by a cup of tea and a discussion related in some way to the path of meditation, and ending with a short silence before leaving.   Once a month there is a silent evening with two sittings separated by a silent cup of tea.

We also have other events that have included day retreats and meditation walks. Gaia House supports us by making recorded talks available, sending a teacher from Gaia House to the group occasionally on request, and offering Sangha Support days and weekends at Gaia House.

If you are interested in coming, please contact:

Mary Booker: infobarleyfarm@gmail.com   Tel: 01392 496079

Anne da Costa: Tel: 01392 874386